It's Your Life. Turn It Up.

Your time is your life. Your attention is how you live it.

KONNEKTWORK is a community-driven ecosystem for making your life work better. It helps you design and complete life goals and projects faster and more enjoyably than ever. Simple tools, simple structure, and real community bring purpose, process, and productivity together, so you do more of the right things right. We are fighting a war for attention. KONNEKTWORK helps you win it.

Grow Further, Faster.

The KONNEKTWORK teaming community supports you at three timescales: quarterly, weekly, and daily

  • You’ll define a courageous goal to achieve in 12 weeks in one area of your life.
  • You’ll join a small team meeting online weekly to define and track milestones and habits towards your outcome.
  • Daily virtual coworking sessions keep you grounded and focused on deep work and consistent progress.

Connection. Clarity. Commitment.

Whether your goal is a thesis, career change, product launch, injury rehab, or raw productivity gains – you choose your own goals, direction, and pace. You choose when to take on a quarterly challenge, and when to join konnektwork sessions. Each alone is powerful. Together they rock. Our members are experiencing unprecedented flow states, while crushing goals faster than ever – and loving the process.

Training For Life.

KONNEKTWORK is deliberately developmental: we help each other to help ourselves, using the KONNEKT co-operating system. An empathic and encouraging microculture keeps anxiety and stress at bay, while allowing your creative inspiration to fly. At the same time that we are supporting each other to be more present, purposeful, and productive, we are also training character, collaboration, and community skills.


  • The KONNEKT OS is a simple universal process for managing emotion and attention.
  • Concise shared scripts keep communication empathic and efficient.


  • An online platform allows you to self-organise and share resources, inspiration, and learning.
  • Shared documents help you track commitments, actions, and metrics on a weekly and daily basis.


  • The OS and platform support the most important part of the ecosystem – our community members.
  • Sharing the journey with other konnektors is the main driver of  your productivity, transformation, and joy.

What Does A Konnekted Week Look Like?

  • With the help of your team and resources on the platform, you know where to focus your energy for the next quarter.
  • At the scripted KONNEKTWORK team meeting, you will define and commit to your milestones and habits for the week ahead.
  • You’ll work towards your outcomes, tracking progress on the team dashboard.
  • You’ll join as many KONNEKTWORK coworking sessions as you like each day. These are 50 minute Zoom calls held in teams of 2-4 people, self-organised via the platform. Sessions follow a consistent structure for empathic sharing and reflecting. Between sessions, bio breaks include recommended microdosing of fitness, strength, and flexibility.
  • You’ll share and review progress at the next week’s team meeting, and set new goals, integrating the learning from the previous week.

Create. Build. Grow.

People in these types of roles will especially thrive here...

  • creators
  • solopreneurs
  • freelancers
  • developers
  • artists
  • writers
  • engineers
  • designers
  • students
  • remote workers




How Much Does It Cost?

KONNEKTWORK is a social enterprise - we want everyone to get konnekted

Monthly subscription: €29,00

  • Money back guarantee after the first month
  • Cancel or pause any time
  • Reductions on request

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