Konnekt & Co-work

Made For Co-Working

More Business: KONNEKT is a force multiplier for your Co-Working space, bringing existing and potential members together in a more intimate and purposeful way to generate more powerful outcomes, more effectively, and more enjoyably. Happy visitors means new members.

More Events: The shared KONNEKT culture and platform enables members to organise themed events in your space: deep visioneering, planning, productivity, hackathons, or facilitated workshop intensives.

More Fun: The INTRO workshop always leaves people smiling and relaxed – bringing more good vibes into your co-working culture.

Made For Your Co-Working Company

KONNEKT Your Culture: A KONNEKTED culture is just as valuable for your Co-Working staff as it is for your clients. Many companies are introducing self-organisation and more human, authentic practices into their culture with great results. KONNEKT covers the bases efficiently: for a more thriving, engaged, purposeful, and effective workplace, invite some of your team to test-drive KONNEKT for free.

Made For Freelancers

Social Community: Isolation and lack of authentic social connection is an issue for many solo professionals. The KONNEKT ecosystem provides some key social benefits of organisations, without compromising autonomy and independence.

Micro-Culture of Excellence: Beyond community, KONNEKT gives solo professionals a supportive entrepreneurial culture of healthy risk, safe failure, high standards, constructive feedback, and relentless focus on discipline, growth, and progress. Organisation and drive help to combat demotivation and uncertainty.

KONNEKTWORKING: Understanding and meeting another person’s needs is key to good networking, but the process is often awkward, superficial, and inefficient. KONNEKTING makes it fun and effortless, quickly generating trust and insight, and bringing people and solutions together efficiently and authentically.

Self-Organisation: Freelancers are stronger together: self-organising teams make working more flexible and resilient. In the KONNEKT community, temporary collaborations can be quickly formed for a project or client, while referrals and work-sharing expand market reach and opportunity.

Sharing Resources: Instead of reinventing the wheel, KONNEKTORs can share personalised best practice and information, with mentoring, coaching, and teaching encouraged.

Mastering Mindset: KONNEKTING trains the leadership detachment solo professionals need to succeed in their field. Emotional intelligence is enhanced, deepening intimacy with self and others, and making freelancing more soulful, social, and fun.