KONNEKT is a simple but powerful ‘operating system’ for self-leadership in self-organising teams and communities such as freelancers. It integrates fundamentals of well-being, performance coaching, and social dynamics into an inspiring and agile framework for deliberate personal and professional development, growing beyond problems, and generating new possibilities for greater success and fulfilment. KONNEKT elevates one of the biggest single factors in thriving personally and professionally: positive social relationships.


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The KONNEKT OS is designed as a universal language of development for the most underused resource on the planet: human consciousness. In complex times, smart simplicity and a shared conceptual grammar are more important than ever. KONNEKT is a future-proof field kit for thriving adaptive communities.



KONNEKT shares some of the DNA of models such as Theory U, Holacracy, “Teal”, Non-Violent Communication, The Art of Hosting, agile coaching, and developmental psychology, especially Spiral Dynamics. The KONNEKT framework points to underlying principles shared by all of these models, with a simple methodology for living the principles in all spheres of life.